Executive Committee

Committee Description:

  • CEOB Members appointed to oversee all LWDB Committees. CEOB members appointed to such committees will not have voting rights on the LWDB; their role is to provide oversight and report to the on full CEOB.
  • All members must sign the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclaimer form on an annual basis.
  • Minutes of the meeting must be reviewed and approved by the committee; then signed and presented by the committee chairs at each full LWDB and CEOB Meeting.
  • LWDB and Workforce Center staff have no voting rights on any of the LWDB Committees.
  • The Third-Party Monitor will provide reports directly to the corresponding committee.


Annette Suppes, LWDB Chair

CEOB Oversight Responsibility:

Committee Staff:

Deb Scheibler, Executive Director

Committee Members:

  • Kenneth Gates
  • Heather Herren
  • Annette Suppes
  • Steve Gieber
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