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Lay-off Facilitation / Rapid Response

Rapid Response services provide support for workers and employers facing layoffs to make the transition smoother for both.  Once employees are notified of the layoff date, LWDB Staff or Contractors will make arrangements for the Rapid Response team to visit the job site.


Below are a few tools for that are helpful for employers. The first is the OJT Basics, and second is the Job Order Form, to help us fulfill your employment needs.

OJT Flyer Basic

Job Order Form


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We Emphasize a Demand-Centered Model

The Local Area I workforce system emphasizes a demand-centered model for service delivery, based on the skill demands of employers.

An employer-driven system places employers in the preferred customer group – meeting employer needs first is essential to meeting the needs of job seekers. Services that address the ever-changing needs of business and industry, such as directing funds toward retraining current workers, help increase company productivity and profitability. This promotes increased stability and sustainability within the local economy.


Our Services

Local Area I Workforce Centers provide a variety of Workforce related services for Business and Industry. These services can be customized and tailored to meet Employer needs. A ‘One Stop’ system exists providing a ‘Gateway’ for Employers to acquire answers to their questions and solutions for their Workforce issues in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Employer Services_WFC Services

Workforce Center Services

Employers seeking skilled workers, or interested in upgrading their workers’ skills, can tap into many valuable programs and services of the Great Bend Workforce Center.


Workforce Development & Training

The Workforce Center can provide assistance to help solve your education and training related challenges.


Recruitment Services

Workforce Centers offer a complete range of recruitment services that can provide access to personnel for a variety of positions. 


Financial Incentives

The Workforce Centers can help you take advantage of the variety of tax credits and incentives offered to employers hiring people from targeted populations.


Labor Market Information

Gain access to the latest wage and benefit information so your business can properly position themselves in relationship to other employers. 

Employer Services_JobOrder

Job Orders

Job seekers who visit the Local Area I Workforce Centers can be referred to your open positions by posting those jobs with us.

Interested in Serving on the Board?

The demand-centered approach encourages employers to engage with the workforce system in leadership roles by serving on Boards. It also emphasizes the fact that regardless of where or how preparation takes place, all job seekers compete within a local labor market unless they move or commute.

Board Member Job Description

The purpose of the Workforce Investment Board is to be the region’s expert and leader in workforce development, by identifying workforce issues and concerns and by bringing together the necessary assets to facilitate solutions that foster prosperity.

Join the Board

If you are interested in serving on the Local Workforce Investment Board as a private sector member, please read the Board Member Job Description and contact Deb Scheibler, Executive Director, at deb@kansasworkforceone.org

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