Registered Apprenticeship for Employers



By combining on-the-job learning with related technical instruction, Registered Apprenticeship supports fully trained employees. Skill training and job-related theory create better workers to meet the company's needs.

Participating in a Registered Apprenticeship program ensures that employees are trained to industry and company standards. Additionally, if the business requires licensing, apprentices are prepared for the exam upon program completion.

Recruitment of the 21st Century

Sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship program develops employees to contribute to your bottom line.

Employers typically experience economic and intrinsic benefits. The economic benefits are derived from paying a progressively increasing apprentice wage (usually starting at 50% of journey worker/mentor wages). Registered Apprenticeship sponsors are exempt from paying overtime to apprentices for the related instruction portion of their training if it is outside normal business hours. Many sponsors report reduced turnover equating to increased productivity and decreased training costs.


How to Get Started

  • You may contact a Registered Apprenticeship Program Consultant listed below.

    Your Program Consultant will:

    • Provide you with an overview of Registered Apprenticeship.
    • Review Federal Regulations (Title 29 CFR Part 29--Labor Standards for Registration) to ensure compliance.
    • Provide guidance throughout the process of developing your Registered Apprenticeship program. It may be helpful for you to begin thinking about some key issues to ensure the program is customized to best meet your training needs. 

Interested in Sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship?

Tucky Allen

Business Services Director/Rapid Response Coordinator


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