Mission Statement:
The Local Area I Workforce Development Board exists to connect employers to a motivated workforce having skills to obtain and maintain meaningful employment throughout its 62-county community.

On-the-Job Training and Registered Apprenticeship Partners

Vision Statement

"The workforce system in Local Area I is seen by employers as ‘the" source for a well-trained and competitive workforce. This workforce is qualified to meet the needs of employers, both now and in the future creating economic growth and vitality."

Guiding Principles

System Focus

In order to meet the needs of employers in Local Area I, the board must expand its influence to include all workforce intermediaries, not just those required by law.

Partner Focus

Partner Focus - Establish strong state and local partnerships to achieve greater integration and alignment of the various resources available to employers and workers in Local Area I. WorkforceONE will challenge staff to continually seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce system through reduction in duplication and other means.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus -  WorkforceONE and its staff will align its actions with the changing needs of employers and all seekers in Local Area I. Actions oriented to providing meaningful, "lifelong" employment for all workers, not simply jobs.

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