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Workforce Challenge –

Selia needed additional assistance to assist her in paving the way to self-sufficiency in a high demand occupation in the health care field.  Her employment history was sporadic and she felt that she just had not found a career and she wanted more than that out of life.  Her husband had recently applied for legal residency and they both knew that he would eventually be sanctioned and would have to leave the United States for an undefined period of time.  The deportation is part of the residency application process.  This among other things going on in her life, made her really think about her future and what she wanted out of life.  She decided to visit with an employment specialist from the Dodge City Workforce Center.  

Workforce Solution –

During her initial interview and in review of her ONET interest profiler report, employment specialist and Selia discussed various high demand career opportunities in the healthcare field. After careful review and consideration of the options provided to her, she decided that nursing would be a great fit for her.  The opportunity to work on a career ladder that would lead her to self-sufficiency as well as an occupation that would be in demand for a long period of time were comforting to her especially with all the unknowns in her life at this time.  She enrolled and successfully completed C.N.A and C.M.A courses.  She is employed as C.N.A but has recently been promoted to C.M.A and received a wage increase to $13.00 per hour.   

Outcomes & Benefits –

Selia is currently enrolled at Dodge City Community College for her LPN pre-requisites. Selia plans to obtain her LPN/RN license from Dodge City Community College.  Selia stated that she was in disbelief as to how far she has gotten in her career goals.  She attributes her accomplishments to Kansas WorkforceONE and is thankful for all the support she has received from her employment specialist and KHPOP career coach.  She looks forward to a career as a registered nurse.

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