Success Through Partner Services

DEI Success Story

Workforce Challenge –

Michelle was on Corrections and had limited work history in the last several years. She was working in food service, a career that was not viable long term. Michelle also dealt with pronounced physical pain in her teeth and did not consistent transportation. Michelle wanted to improve her health, get off Corrections and into a career field. She met with a Kansas WorkforceONE Employment Specialist, created a resume and became enrolled in the WIOA Adult program. Michelle also enjoyed KWF1’s Career Success and Corrections’ Cognitive Group, which helped her chart long-term, successful goals and a better future.

Workforce Solution

Michelle worked with Kansas WorkforceONE on connecting with area employers. Through the WIOA Adult and Disability Employment Initiative, Michelle earned two Work Experiences in different capacities at the ARC of the Central Plains in Hays. Michelle delivered excellent hard and soft skills and showed great work ethic. She was loved by colleagues at the ARC. Helped by goal-setting and work success, Corrections contracted with a local dentist and fixed Michelle’s teeth and mouth. She has her best dental health in years. Michelle earned the respect and trust of community members and found her passion. At the conclusion of the Work Experience, Michelle was hired as Operations Manager at ARC of the Central Plains.

Outcomes & Benefits –

Michelle remains the Operations Manager, is off Corrections and is making her highest wage in years. She significantly helps run the day-to-day operations of the ARC and has helped hire and train staffers and delegated responsibility. Michelle has helped grow the ARC’s business and profits. Michelle is very happy with her life and is a great example of success through partner services.

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