Job Description: Local Workforce Investment Board (LWDB) Member

The purpose of the Workforce Investment Board is to be the region’s expert and leader in workforce development, by identifying workforce issues and concerns and by bringing together the necessary assets to facilitate solutions that foster prosperity. Activities of the board include gathering and disseminating information about the area’s labor market and businesses’ employment needs; building a strong area-wide workforce development system; convening groups of businesses, schools, and other organizations to develop solutions to workforce development challenges; and overseeing the network of Workforce Development Centers.


  • Desire to make a positive contribution to the region’s economy by helping shape a workforce development system that meets the needs of employers and individuals.
  • Commitment to devote time and talent to working with other board members, staff, businesses, public officials, and public and private sector partner organizations to improve the quality of the workforce.
  • Position as a senior-level decision-maker in your organization.


  • Regularly attend board and committee meetings.
  • Notify the board chair or the executive director when you are unable to attend meetings.
  • Join and participate actively in at least one standing committee of the board.
  • Be prepared for board meetings by staying informed about board matters, reviewing materials sent in advance of the meetings.
  • Get to know and respect other board members, building collegial relationships that contribute to effective decision making.
  • Act and vote on behalf of the long term interests of the board and the community and not on the interest of a single constituency.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest. If a conflict on a particular issue is unavoidable, disclose the conflict and follow Board policies for removing oneself from discussion and/or vote on that issue.
  • Understand and observe the respective roles of the WIB, board staff, the One-Stop Operator, service providers and the Chief Elected Officials.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to become more educated about the Workforce Investment Board and the region’s workforce development system.
  • Act as an ambassador of the board with community groups and businesses.

Time Requirements

  • The board meets quarterly with meetings normally lasting from two to four hours. All travel expenses are reimbursed by the board.
  • Committees generally meet no more than quarterly, with some committees less frequently.
  • Average time commitment for members is approximately three-to-four hours per quarter.
  • Individuals are appointed for three-year staggered terms.

Board Committees

  • Executive Committee – comprised of the LWDB chair and chairs of all committees.
  • Fiscal Committee – responsible for oversight of all LAI Fiscal matters.
  • Youth Council – responsible for oversight of the youth services in LAI.
  • Program Operations Committee – responsible for oversight of adult and dislocated worker Title IB services.
  • One Stop Committee – responsible for oversight of the One Stop System, including Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between partners, and Certification of One Stops.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee – responsible for developing an effective system-wide Public Relations/Marketing campaign.
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