Committee Structure and Members

  • CEOB Members appointed to oversee all LWDB Committees. CEOB members appointed to such committees will not have voting rights on the LWDB; their role is to provide oversight and report to the on full CEOB.
  • All members must sign the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclaimer form on an annual basis.
  • Minutes of the meeting must be reviewed and approved by the committee; then signed and presented by the committee chairs at each full LWDB and CEOB Meeting.
  • LWDB and Workforce Center staff have no voting rights on any of the LWDB Committees.
  • The Third-Party Monitor will provide reports directly to the corresponding committee.
executive committee handshake

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the chairperson and chairs of the LWDB standing committees and shall include at least one Human Resources Professional. 

calculator image for fiscal committee

Fiscal Committee

The Fiscal Committee oversees the development and management of the budget.




Youth Development Committee

The Youth Committee will provide guidance and oversight of Local Area I youth programs of all core partners.


One-Stop Committee

The One-Stop Committee provides guidance and oversight of the Workforce System in LAI.



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Program Operations Committee

The Operations Committee will provide oversight and guidance of the WIOA Title IB Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth programs as well as all other grants operated by LAI.

Board Member Job Description

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