Adult Programs

We Emphasize a Demand-Centered Model

The Local Area I workforce system emphasizes a demand-centered model for service delivery, based on the skill demands of employers.

An employer-driven system places employers in the preferred customer group – meeting employer needs first is essential to meeting the needs of job seekers. Services that address the ever-changing needs of business and industry, such as directing funds toward retraining current workers, help increase company productivity and profitability. This promotes increased stability and sustainability within the local economy.


Our Services

Local Area I Workforce Centers provide a variety of Workforce related services for Business and Industry. These services can be customized and tailored to meet Employer needs. A ‘One Stop’ system exists providing a ‘Gateway’ for Employers to acquire answers to their questions and solutions for their Workforce issues in a timely and comprehensive manner.

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Career Assessments

Job Search and Placement

Job Search and Placement Services

Workforce Preparation

Workforce Preparation Activities

Workbased learning

Work Based Learning

Occupational Skills Training

Occupational Skills Training


On-the-Job Training

Additional Services

  • Outreach, intake and orientation
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Referrals and coordination of activities/services
  • Workforce and labor market information
  • Referrals to supportive services/assistance
  • Assistance in establishing eligibility for programs of financial aid assistance for training and education programs.
  • Information and aid regarding filing claims under Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs.
  • Development of an individualized employment plan:
  • Group and/or individual counseling and mentoring
  • Career planning and case management
  • Short-term pre-vocational services
  • Financial literacy services
  • Out-of-area job search and relocation assistance
  • English language acquisition and integration into education/training programs
  • Follow-up Services


Eligibility for WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

Eligibility Requirements

Local Area 1 provides supporting program services for the adult and dislocated worker programs.

Meet with an Employment Specialist

If you are interested in receiving services from the WIOA Title I Adult program, please use the link below to contact us for information on how to apply.

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