Frequently Asked Questions

The Kansas Local Area I Workforce Development Board is a 501(3)(c), non-profit corporation, registered with the Kansas Secretary of State.

The Local Board must conduct its business in an open manner, making available to the public, on a regular basis through open meetings, information about the activities of the Local Board. This includes information about the Local Plan prior to submission of the plan; information about membership; the development of significant policies, interpretations, guidelines and definitions; and, on request, minutes of formal meetings of the Local Board.

The U.S. Congress has mandated that employers drive the Board's policy direction. For that reason Workforce Boards must be comprised of a majority (51%) of representatives from local business and industry. In addition, representatives of Economic Development, Education, Community Based Organizations, Labor, and Federally mandated partner organizations operating in the Local Area have a seat on the Board.

Members representing business must be individuals who are owners, chief executive officers, chief operating officers, or other individuals with optimum policymaking or hiring authority. Members who represent organizations, agencies or other entities must be individuals with optimum policy making authority within the entities they represent.

Letters of nomination for an individual to serve on the Board may be sent to the Chief Elected Official Board (CEO) for appointment consideration. Business representatives are nominated by local business organizations and business trade associations. Labor representatives are nominated by local labor federations. Representatives of Economic Development, Education, Community Based Organizations and mandated partner organizations may be nominated by their organization.

The Chief Elected Officials:

  • Appoint members of the Local Workforce Development Board.
  • Serve as grant recipient and assume fiscal responsibility for grant funds for WIOA Title I adult, dislocated worker and youth activities; as well as other such federal or state workforce funds as may be awarded.
  • Participate and approve the submission of the local plan.
  • Approve the designation and certification of one-stop operators
  • Coordinate Memorandum of Understanding with one-stop partners
  • Oversee of all Local RFP Processes.
  • Provide comprehensive oversight of the activities of the Local Board.
  • Oversee the one-stop delivery system and ensure that local area partnerships are functioning effectively.
  • Approve and oversee the Local Workforce Development Board Budget.
  • Negotiate and reach agreement on performance standards and any additional local performance measures.

In partnership with the Governor -

  • Agree on whether the Local Board may provide career services within the local area.
  • Agree on whether the Local Board may serve as One-Stop operator; and
  • Negotiate waiver requests as needed.

The Bylaws of the Local Area Workforce Development Board (LWDB), specify that members will be appointed to staggered 3 year terms, with approximately 1/3 of the membership's terms expiring on July 1st of each year. Appointments are subject to prior resignation or removal. Members may serve more than one term.

No. Boards are made up of representatives of Economic Development, Education, Labor, Community Based Organizations providing employment related services and Business and Industry in demand in the Local Area. The individuals on the Board are tasked to bring forward issues from the sector they represent on the Board. You may contact Local Area Workforce Board Staff for assistance in reaching the necessary Board member or to ensure that your requests, concerns, suggestions, etc. are given proper consideration and when appropriate, brought before the Board. In addition, each Local Area I Quarterly Board meeting begins with a "Public Comment" agenda item during which anyone with an interest in Workforce Development issues is welcome to comment.

The Chief Elected Official Board is made up of elected individuals from those local units of government in the Area who have chosen to directly oversee the workforce development system. Any unit of government in the 62 counties of Local Area I is welcome to assume a role in governance and oversight of the system.

As vacancies occur on the Local Area Workforce Investment Board (LWDB), letters of nomination for prospective members are presented to the Chief Elected Official Board (CEOB). The CEOB has the responsibility of appointing all LWDB members.

The unit of government you represent simply needs to send a letter of intent to participate in governance of the workforce development system to the Local Area I Board Administrative office. You will receive information on how your unit of government may participate.

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